Sunday, October 4, 2009

In a world with competition, Efficiency is King.

On Thursday evening I began investing in the Saronite Shuffle again. Having done this before (and not knowing what it was called), it was rather easy to get into a groove. The process used to be easier for me, as I had both Enchanting & Jewelcrafting on the same character - but no matter. With the help of a nice macro and BulkMail's autosend feature it was easy to get everything together and sent on to the characters it needed to get to. The only extra step I had to take in the process was to "dust off" my extra bank alt (get the pun?), and send him some money.

On Friday morning I woke up with 1050 gold in my mail box on my Saronite Shuffle bank alt, and 505 gold on my Glyph bank alt. Needless to say, I've been disappointed with the Glyph market on my server lately. I've tried selling 2 Glyphs at a time, with thresholds lower than my cost-per-glyph (3.50g at the time). I've also tried selling only Glyphs above my threshold - again, very little net gain.

So now, I'm trying yet another strategy. Instead of keeping my Glyphs stacked at 4 a piece, I've decided to start buying out Glyphs that are below my threshold in order to get my Glyph stacks to 20. Sometimes in the process of doing this, I manage to buy out all of the glyphs below my threshold - and as a result, I end up throwing 4 more Glyphs back onto the AH at above my threshold cost. I mean, after all, why pay more to make Glyphs that your selling out of when your competition will sell it to you for less?

Furthermore, if your competition is trying to crash the market at a cost that is below their own threshold - buying out their glyphs to fill your stacks only hurts their pockets. And on the other hand, if your competition is able to afford undercutting you at a profit - then you probably can't drive them out of the market anyway. So why not use them to fill your own stacks, allow your competition to drive others out of the market, and wait for the Glyph prices to rise a little?

In other news, I've recently been told of a way I might go about off-setting my cost-per-glyph in order to lower my threshold significantly. After my recent mass-purchase of herbs, I'll probably put it into effect and see how it goes. I'll be sure to let you all know if it works out. Also, I've recently tested the waters of the Card market - and sold 2 of my Nobles Decks already! Woohoo! Lastly, I'm still looking to expand into another market, as I have at least 3 profession slots on level 70+ characters that ought to be filled with something useful.

Next time on Green Guts...

Check back next time to see if my new Glyph strategies work out, how the Saronite Shuffle is treating me, and what new professions I'll be working up next!

~ GG

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