Friday, November 20, 2009

Into the Mind of the M&S (part 1)

Disclaimer: Though I hold a degree in Psychology, I do not profile people professionally. What I have written below is simply based on the education I have gained, and a bit of guess-work (as is all things in Psychology). It should be noted that aspects of each M&S are not “end-all-be-all” aspects, and that often individuals will display characteristics of each type of M&S. Lastly, all M&S have one particular thing in common - their lack of a mindset for earning gold efficiently.

After my completion of the “Goblins: Who and Why?” series, I thought it most befitting to discuss the psychological profiles of the people we Goblins prey upon – those people being what we in the JMTC community have termed the “M&S”. For the sake of this series, the term “M&S” can be read as “Morons & Socials”. I hope that this series will help to further define the difference between the Moron and the Social player type that we thrive upon, and perhaps give some incite in to whom our market strategies are best targeted toward. For this series, I will be rating differing personality types on four areas, being Willingness, Ability, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Within each area a four tier rating of “Weak, Moderate, Strong and Exceptional” will be noted, in order to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each M&S personality type. And so, without further ado I present the first personality type…

The Lazy M&S

Willingness: Weak
Ability: Moderate - Strong
Knowledge: Weak - Moderate
Wisdom: Weak

The Lazy M&S desires as little work and thought as possible in making gold. It is because of this lack of will-power that they seek out the most mindless of ventures in making gold, such as farming materials or running dailies. It is for this same lack of will-power that they do not seek out the knowledge necessary to make large sums of gold with ease (and subsequently, without very much thought).

The reasoning behind their laziness is as numbered as the stars. For some, it could be that they exert themselves either physically or mentally in their day-to-day work, such that they wish to “veg out” on WoW. For others, it might be as simple as a resolve to mediocrity – a belief in that it is excruciatingly difficult to make large sums of gold, and as such is not worth the effort. Either way, they lack the will to take risks, and to overcome - that is their downfall.

What is truly sad about the “Lazy M&S” is that their ability to make gold is often both present and overlooked. They may very well have the ability to make gold (either with the professions they have, or the small stockpile of gold that they have stored) but simply lack the will-power to find out how best to use these abilities to their advantage. They might even have some educated talent, such as a nack for mathematics – but are unable to see through the fog of their self-doubt. As such, their knowledge is often lacking in that they haven’t “done their homework”, remaining ignorant to the bounty they could achieve.

Lastly, the “Lazy M&S” lacks the wisdom to seek out effective means of making gold. They see wealth around them every day in the motorcycles and tundra mammoths that cross their path, but lack the wisdom needed to “do the math” in that it can’t be THAT difficult to earn gold if so many people have such items.

In conclusion, the “Lazy M&S” is best attributed to that which all Conservatives cry wolf over – those people living on welfare. Though some people that live on welfare are truly destitute and unable to work, the lazy M&S is a true leach on the WoW-Economy. They aren’t ever likely to have enough gold to purchase high-end epics (DMC: Greatness etc.), and are likely only reliable for purchasing necessities such as Glyphs, budget enchants, and rare gems.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Into the Mind of the M&S" series postponed!

Ack... so work came down hard on me today about doing several of the things that I've been slow to complete - and so, I'm sorry to announce that the initial post of this series will have to wait :-\. Sorry!

~ GG