Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Story

A few months back I transferred from Laughing Skull to Darrowmere (Horde) in order to join the raiding guild <Áfterlife>. I would eventually come to find that Darrowmere was very much like a small hick-town in the middle of nowhere, where just about everyone was a racist - and most people (including members of the guild) didn't take kindly to "outsiders". Needless to say, I didn't enjoy being part of <Áfterlife> (and eventually transferred away) - but I did learn some very valuable lessons while I was there.

During my time on Darrowmere, I was very fortunate to have met someone I consider to be an "uber-goblin".When we met he was so filthy rich that he had been goldcapped - twice. Anyway, this "uber-goblin" was kind enough (foolish enough) to teach me his ways, and slowly began to fill me in on his money-making schemes. At the time I had recently maxed Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, and this uber-goblin told me that, "all you need to do is to buy out Saronite ore, prospect it, cut it, and sell it - and you will turn a profit."

I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical. I had only 1,000 gold to my name, and a gamble like this would put me into a "make or break" situation. Especially with the cost of repairs and the Ulduar patch looming on the horizon. In the end, I told myself "what the hell" and one night, I invested 800 gold on saronite ore. By the time I had finished prospecting and cutting it was late - so I went ahead and posted everything up with 1c undercuts via Auctioneer, calling it a night.

When I woke up the next morning I was met with a sight that would start me on my rode to Goblin-ism. I had made 3,000 gold overnight! Talk about a thrill! Anyway, of course I began re-investing, eventually incorporating Enchanting materials into the mix with the use of Eternal Earths. Between that time and my eventual transfer away from Darrowmere, a period of a couple months, I made what I consider to be a good sum of cash - approximately 15,000 gold.

Sadly, after transferring most of this gold found sinkholes over the period of a few months - in buying my girlfriend her Epic Riding / Mount, in forming a Guild and purchasing Guild Bank tabs, as well as the simple things like repair bills.

And then, two weeks ago I took the 2,000 Gold I had in my pocket, and started all over again.

Check back next time to find out where my most recent Auction House adventures have taken me, my thoughts on MMO-Champion's recent "Money Making Guides", and whether I've hit 1800 rating in Arena's!

~ GG

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